Friday, March 5, 2010

It ain’t nuthin (not yet anyway)

Fruit is Stacey’s entry # 19…my journey in becoming 100% LoFat Raw Vegan (LFRV), meaning eating 80% or more of my calorie intake from carbs >10% Fat, >10% protein. Aka 80/10/10 (811)…away from the standard American diet (SAD diet)

It ain’t nuthin (not yet anyway)

Day 4 (27 days to go….!)

Yesterday was quit easy, as it usually is when you 1st start anything (hopes are high, the ambition is still very strong)! I went grocery shopping, and since this time, I feel I’m not going to stress out about how many calories, or weighing and all that stuff (for me it added a lot of un-needed pressure), I did not make a list, I just bought what I wanted. I spent 90$ so we will see how long that lasts (I probably spent about 20$ on my bf’s food). I think that when I 1st started this last time I got so entrenched in weighing food and calories that it took much more time than necessary. So it made it harder on me, and I need this to be as easy as possible!!! For the life of me I can’t find my receipt I really really wanted to post it…If I find it I will do it later.

I bought my plane ticket to Costa Rica (wut up know!) That baby is getting posted on the fridge and etched in my arm haha, constant reminder that I have to lead by example for all the others that are going there to learn about raw foods.

Did I mention that my bf got me a food processor for V-day, OMG best thing that ever happened to my fruitarian bum! I used it 3 times alone yesterday. Waaaaaay better than a blender. You can make things chunky, soup thicker, and you can even make a tiny bit of something so much easier. I always found with a blender that if I make a small amount (like a pesto or something) most of it was stuck under the blades, and that just ticked me OFF! So now I don’t have to worry, and I def suggest getting one.

3/4/10 meal analysis

I Have read on as well as in DR. TC FRY’s book that our body goes through 3 phases from 4am-12pm you are in the phase of your body getting rid of junk (ie pooping) 12pm-8pm you are int the phase of replenishing your body (ie eating) 8pm- 4am you are in the phase of recharging (ie sleeping) ….

So I am going to wait to eat till 12pm each day because you are not supposed to eat while your body is trying to get rid of things. I will have water until then (although I did taste my scrumcious little orange coco balls too make sure I mad them right, but hey that’s nuthin right!)

I made tangerine/Orange juice, then I ate a banana strawberry blueberry smoothie, then I ate apples with date dip (so good). It taste like apples dipped in caramel seriously that good! All you do is throw some mejdool dates in the food processor with a tiny bit of water and process and there you have it “dip”.

3/4/10 Activities

Took babykins for a walk around echo park lake for the 1st time, she had a great time chasing the birds, but was real tired on our way back up the hill, it was precious.

3/3/10 Symptoms

Woke up with a terrible taste in my mouth (as some would think “hey this is normal right”) This is not normal, we should wake up with pink tongues (not white) and the same breathe as we would have all day….the white tongue is due to toxins seeping out of its pores which = bad breath ..SO GROSS!

I feel like I am sleeping sooo heavy, apple was barking all last night at god knows what, and it didn’t phase me one bit, out lika light!

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