Wednesday, November 17, 2010

100 calorie HEALTHY snacks

wow can we talk about this for a second please..... here is a list of what is proposing people eat for a 100 calorie healthy snack (this is absurd! and you will be very hungry still!!!!) Each of these snacks below are full of refined sugar, that will lead to inevitable crashes

Sweet Treats

Good Housekeeping Magazine

-5 Nabisco Nilla Wafers
-1 Whole Foods Market Two-Bite Brownie
-1 Healthy Choice Mocha Fudge Swirl Bar
-9 Tootsie Roll Midgees
-1 pouch Keebler Sandies Right Bites Shortbread Cookies
-½ cup Sharon's Lemon Sorbet with 1/4 cup blueberries
-1 Skinny Cow Fat Free Fudge Bar
-1 Nestlé Butterfinger Stixx
-12 vanilla Miss Meringue Minis
-4 Country Choice Certified Organic Ginger Snaps
-1 Vitamuffin Vitatop

Savory Bites

-29 pistachios
-60 Pepperidge Farm Baby Goldfish Crackers
-1 Jolly Time Healthy Pop 100 Calorie Mini Bag popcorn
-25 EatSmart Café Fries
-12 Back to Nature Sesame Ginger Rice Thins
-12 Quaker Quakes Cheddar Cheese Rice Snacks
-40 Rold Gold Classic Style Pretzel Sticks

Dairy Delights

-1 Laughing Cow Light Creamy Garlic & Herb cheese wedge and 3 Triscuits
-1 Kraft Polly-O Superlong Twist-Ums string cheese stick
-1 Yoplait Light Smoothie
-½ cup low-fat cottage cheese with 5 strawberries

Hearty Helpings

-Campbell's Soup at Hand Blended Vegetable Medley
-1 hard-boiled egg with 1 slice Melba toast
-4 slices Sara Lee Honey Ham with 2 teaspoons honey mustard, rolled in lettuce leaf
-½ mini bagel with 1 ounce smoked salmon

Ok so from my 1st sentence you can obviously tell that the above list is what I do NOT recommend people consume as there in-between meal 100 cal snack. If you were to eat any of the above you would feel hungry very shortly after, and you would be wasting yet another 100 cals that you will have to figure out how to burn off or suffer the consequences.

here is a list of proposed 100 cal snacks that will not only fill you up but leave you energized (not about to doze off at your desk)

-2 cups raspberries ...2 whole cups that is a ton!
-28 grapes
-1 cup blueberries
-1 cup mango chunks
-½ medium cantaloupe... i eat this for an entire meal, and this is a snack option!
-1 medium banana.......these are pretty filling so if you are extra hungry go this route!

not to mention fruit digests easily and quickly when eaten alone (not mixed with anything) and even better when eaten mono (eating 1 type fo fruit at a time)...This means you will not fill bogged down from your snack time

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"Un-cooking" Courses

Hi Everybody,

I'm StaceyJ a Low Fat, Raw, Vegan, Natural Hygienic Chef w/ over 4 years experience working in raw food restaurants in LA as well as on Health retreats at wellness centers in costa rica.

I am excited to start my very own "Un-Cooking" Courses. This next course on 11/27 will be my 2nd class and it will be all about Detoxing!!!

I thought this was a great topic to discuss right after Thanksgiving & before the holidays & new year. Why not Treat your body to a wonderful well needed turn of the season detox, and have someone experienced walk you through how to do this deliciously & safely!!!

please check out my youtube channel for videos on recipes, my TV Show debut, and further information about myself @

They will be held in Los Angeles on 11/27 at 11:00am-12:30pm
at a restaurant I am renting out called Mooi
10$ w/ RSVP to

I really hope to see you there!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Raw Beauty Challenge Facebook

Please come Visit my Facebook account....and "Like" it so you up to date info on whats going on in the raw world :)

My 1st "Un-Cooking" Course

My 1st "Un-Cooking" Course went spectacular. I appreciate Stephen from Mooi for letting me use his space it was just perfect. I thank all the people who came, and my friends that showed up to support. I was nervous :) but I think it went well, and I am very excited to do my Next one on 11/27.

20 people came to this past class on 11/13, I spoke of proper food combining, and sequential eating. I provided a handout w/ the food combining rules, with a food combining chart, w/ the recipes, sequential eating rules, which deserts to eat 1st, which not to eat, what combinations to avoid, etc.

The recipes were a thai theme. I started w/ a pineapple mango parfait w/ a strawberry puree sauce. Then there were my non-fat twist on Thai Spring Rolls, and ended with a low-fat Tom Kha coconut soup. I got great reviews on the food, everyone really enjoyed them. This was a relief because I do not use any spices nor condiments, and some peoples palettes might not be ready for that "clean" of food, but I received zero complaints, so I am stoked.

I will be posting a video of the class shortly on my youtube channel Stacey Hearts Fruit

The booklet I made w/ food combining lessons, and recipes will be for sale for 10$, I can send you the booklet & videos of the class plus recipe demos for $20

If you would like to attend the next class please email me to RSVP for a discounted price of $10

Please email me at if you are interested :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Fruitarian TV Show!

My Fruitarian TV Show

It is finally here, and I just got to watch it. The series is called "My Life In Food" and the episode I was featured in is called " Extreme Diets".

Now there is a part where a "Doctor" says that one can only get the vitamin B12 by eating meats & dairy products, now this is just not true!

read this article (by clicking that link) & read below.

Vitamin B12 is a microbe -- a bacteria -- which is produced by microorganisms. Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin that contains a trace element -- cobalt -- which gives this vitamin its chemical name, cobalamin, which is at the center of its molecular structure. Humans and all vertebrates require cobalt, although it is assimilated only in the form of Vitamin B12.

If you are in the habit of eating unwashed veggies, these may contain small amounts of B12, as it is produced by microbes found in soil.

If we were all living the same as we once did one with nature, B12 would not be a problem. We foraged for fruit getting bacteria from plants all over our bodies, e gardened daily getting soil all over our bodies, we bathed in creeks, lakes, rivers & the ocean getting mineral rich water and soil all over our bodies... We have 1 billion-trillion tiny mouths which are called pores. They too eat, and if we were one with nature they would be eating all the b12 they would need, and no such deficiency would exist, even without eating meat, dairy & sea get out there and start gardening folks, or even go to the hot springs near you :)

Enjoy the Show!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

One to Two (That Easy)!!!

wow so now I have 2 clients on the "Raw Beauty Challenge" weeee so exciting. Started off with Jenn, and then her husband decided to join after listening in on our was too tempting to resist ;)

I have started each client off on a 7 day smoothie detox to kick off their new lifestyle. Surprisingly both embraced the change very well.

here is how we started:

1. I drove to clients home
2. I had clients change into form fitting clothes
3. I started each client a account (to track progress, get goal weight date & get calorie count idea)
4. took & logged clients measurements
5. logged clients current weight
6. formulated calorie goal per day based on goal weight & weight loss rate
7. We discussed likes and dislikes (for when the will be eating raw meals prepared by yours truly Raw Beauty Chef Stacey J)
8. I went over a health lesson on proper food combining.
9. I went over transition rules
10. I went over buying Smoothie Rules when they are in a pinch (where to go and what to get)
11. We went grocery Shopping
12. We came home unloaded, and made our 1st smoothie :)))
13. I gave them some smoothie recipes
14. Today I have been on text with them motivating and answering questions

Check out our website RawBeautyChallenge to see their progress, or our youtube channel to see interviews RawBeautyChallenge..

Let me know if you are interested in joining the Raw Beauty Challenge, their are customizable packages for any budget, for anyone, any place all over the world!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Raw Beauty Challenge


I have very exciting news! I have my 1st client!!!

My client is committed to a 1 month customized full body make-over, called "The Raw Beauty Challenge", Beauty from the inside out :)))

How will I help her achieve this you ask??? I am going to provide:
  • Low-Fat, Raw, Vegan, Natural Hygienic, Seasonal, Whole, Fresh, Ripe Fruits & Veggie Custom recipes made by yours truly "Raw Beauty Chef Stacey J"
  • Meal Preparation (5 days a week) including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinners, a snack & a desert
  • Delivery
  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Meal Plans for Saturday & Sunday
  • Meal Preparation Courses
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Health Lessons
  • Monday motivational measuring & weigh-ins
With all this she will be completely set-up, & able to succeed on her own when we are through!

What one can gain from living the Raw Beauty Lifestyle
  • Healthy Weight (maintained no yoyoing)
  • Feeling & Looking Younger
  • Clear Skin
  • Fewer Fine Lines, & Wrinkles
  • An Abundance of Energy
  • Natural Glow
  • Freedom from illness
  • Quality Sleep
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Shiny Healthy Hair
  • Strong Nails
  • Improvement in skin coloration
  • Digestion with ease
  • Mood equalization
  • Less-zero PMS
  • Less-zero menstrual cramps
  • There are just toooo many to count
We are going to document the whole process on our Website RawBeautyChallenge complete with photos, measurements, blogs, recipes, etc. as well as interviews with the client on our youtube channel RawBeautyChallenge.

I am going to have 3-4 clients a month, however in-depth they want the challenge & whether or not they would like to have their progress posted on these sites is up to them. For instance, one could just have the meal service, or any combination of the items listed above (completely customizable for all budgets)

This is so exciting for me, I am so grateful to be able to help women.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining the "Raw Beauty Challenge" at

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Un-cooking Courses in Los Angeles this Saturday

Hi guys,

just wanted to throw out a reminder I have my raw food un-cooking courses this Saturday eeek wish me luck!

1700 W Sunset, Los Angeles, Ca 90026 @ Mooi Restaraunt
20$ cash only


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quantum Eating Anyone

I find this topic Fascinating, Please come join my new forum we may discuss :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Raw food "Un=Cooking" Courses, Los Angeles

Robby Barbaro needs a roomie in LA

I am looking for a place to stay in or near Santa Monica, CA from mid December to April. My work address is 2700 Neilson Way, Santa Monica, CA, 90405

I have been living the 811 lifestyle since December of 2006. You can learn a lot about me by watching my YouTube videos, reading my website or calling me and asking questions :).

I am clean, reliable, have excellent communication skills and I have a steady job for my time in CA. I am looking for an awesome living situation and I am happily willing to help housemates learn the ins and outs of living the LFRV lifestyle and simply be a support buddy.

I will be serving as the Special Events Coordinator for the feature film Forks Over Knives.

My budget is around $950/month.

You can email me at

Monday, October 18, 2010


MY show is upon us! MY episode airs on Friday, 10/22 at 9:30 PM on the Cooking Channel. Please keep and eye out for it, and I hope you enjoy it! On the West Coast, please double check with your cable provider for the exact time, I believe some carriers are airing at the East Coast time.

There is a preview of the series here, on the Cooking Channel’s website:

And the show website here:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Free Raw Food Event in Los Angeles FRIDAY 9/17

Mooi Restaurant Presents FINCA DE VIDA

September Friday 9/17 @ 7pm & 9pm

1700 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angles, Ca 90026

Please join me in hearing Brian & Jody Calvi's triumphant story how their bodies healed themselves from sickness & disease such as, Asthma, Arthritis, & Fybromyalgia on the Low Fat RAW Vegan diet, where conventional medicine & doctors had previously failed. Learn of their stories, Learn about RAW food, Learn of their lives running a RAW vegan orgainic Wellness Center in Costa Rica!

Please come early & enjoy dinner!!!
There will be two showings one at 7pm & the other at 9pm
I would appreciate your support

xoxo Stacey

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rules Rules Rules

sometimes it is just sooo fun to say F it! lets just break the rules, or rules were made to be broken....but in this case that is not the case haha

I love this quote "Only by striving to do what you wish to do will you achieve the capability to do it" (unkonwn author)

This shows that it is not always good nor fun to break the rules, this shows that some rules are meant to be kept because in the end you will be happier you did!

So lets hear for the rullles!
Stacey keeps these rules posted on her fridge along with a food combining chart so there is always that constant reminder of the goals she wants to achieve through her healthy lifestyle!

Fruitee Rules!

"Only by striving to do what you wish to do will you achieve the capability to do it" (unkonwn author)

1. Thou Shall not Poison Thyself!

2. Do not eat unless hungry

3. Earn your 1st meal (WORKOUT!!!!)

4. Do not eat until 12 noon

5. 1st meal mono sweet juicy fruit

6. Rest for 30 mins after meals

7. Eat one or the other at a time, never together and only once a day preferably @ dinner 1 oz nuts, 1oz seeds, 1/3 large avo, coconut, 1tblsp oil.

8. Veggie meal should be eaten when there is plenty of time for digestion

9. Do not eat after 8pm

10. Water Fast 24 hours at least once a week

11. Fast 3-7 days each season change

12. Tis far better to undereat than to overeat

13. Avoid People, places & things that lead you down the path of temptation

14. If man makes it don't eat It (Jack le lane)

Good Luck!

My youtube channel

Stacey Hearts Fruit

Monday, September 6, 2010

Episode all about MEEEEE (weeee)

OK so on October 22nd Friday evening 9pm eastern time my episode in a series about alternative diets will appear on the Cooking Channel...which leads me to my point...

Omg so today I meet with a Producer who may possibly be interested in filming ME for a RAW food uncooking show! I do have some competition tho, apparently there are "others"...these others have way more blog fans than moi :( although I can understand why I am not inherenitly a writer so I am not on top of this blog day in a day out ....BUT I do have a passion for RAW food, and a passion for helping people!

With that being said I need more FANS! I need to reach a wider audience, and I need to stay on top of my game! Have you seen my youtube channel? it is called Stacey Heart's Fruit...Please visit it and subscribe!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

working hard

hey guys been working hard on new informational sites a youtube channel and video blogging! trying to get the word out there to world about the fruitfilled lifestyle & felow angelenos hopefully in need of some raw food meal planning and delivery!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Dreams, and why shouldn’t they come true?

Fruit is Stacey’s entry # 24…my journey in becoming 100% LoFat Raw Vegan, meaning eating 80% or more of my calorie intake from carbs >10% Fat, >10% protein. Aka 80/10/10, or Fruitarian if you will.

My Dreams, and why shouldn’t they come true?

Part 1:

So my bf, and my bros left me allllll alone for a few days. Growing up with 6 brothers and sisters, always having a roommate and never living alone.. you can imagine ho easily I get lonely, bored, or the like. I was racking my brain for something to do last night….and I remembered…My new friend Phoebe inspired me to partake in making a “Dream Board”…and above is a pic of it! I really believe that one has to put their intentions out there into the Universe (I call this god, ie prayer) in order for their intentions to be answered, reciprocated, etc… You have to start saying it out LOUD! Talking to people about your dreams, you will be surprised how so many are willing to help!

Important note: I went to Kelly greens a store in Silver Lake, and I bought all “green” materials to make my dream boards and dream binder J Gotta stay true in every activity you do right!

Soooo here is what I put out into the Universe last night…and now here on my blog…

1st I got a large pc of card stock 17”x24” (I think) I wrote these keywords on the paper:

Raw, Fruitarian, Raw food un-cooking show!!!! Health, Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, Ballet, Sexy In Love, Happiness, Jonathan, Apple, Baby, Family, Live ON the beach, Tropical, Sun, Surf, Relax, Wealth, Abundance, Comfort, Security, Well Decorated Home, Chic, Fashion, Fashionista, Icon, Fashion line, Lingerie line, Red Carpet, Fame, Chic, Skinny, Youthful, Beauty, Travel, Jet-setter, Adventure!!!

2nd I cut all sorts of images and words out of magazines that resonated with me, and said something about my dreams.

3rd I made two dream boards, one with images and words, one with mostly words. Below is the one with words that I put in the front of my binder so that every time I open it I can be reminded of my intentions so that I am constantly inspired to keep going after them (I think this is so important, and my dream board is on my fridge), and here is what I wrote on the back…

“Why shouldn’t I be Fabulously, Rich and Famous?!?!

Now I am not saying by any means that this is the root to all happiness, because I am happy with my life just as it is, but who actually deserves the spoon fed life, and why shouldn’t that be ME?

I can really make a change (more easily, because I am already trying to do that now) by becoming Fabulously, Rich and Famous!!! I could reach a lot more people!

My Mission: To become Fabulously Rich and Famous, to Change the World for the better, The good can be Strong!

Part 2:

I was speaking with another producer who will be working on a show with a girl who had a fan base of 1million on her blog/website, 1 million freakin people that’s nuts! So my other mission: To get over 1 millioooon people subscribing to my site and my blog! With that said there needs to be some changes! I need to make it more enticing for the viewer to come on my site…rather than just talk about me me me, how can I help you you you!!!!??????? Seriously tell me, how can I help you? I want to know, that is why I am here and why I am doing this! I want to show others that they can abide by this lifestyle as well and not be missing out on anything while being thin, beautiful, and healthy!

Here are some of my initial thoughts:

Video blogging! A lot of people don’t have time to read a whole lot, so to make life easier I am going to video blog.

Tips & Tricks: Tips and tricks of the trade being raw and/or fruitarian…I want to show people how to make their life easier…such as in the kitchen, at the grocery store, with their families, finding raw friends etc..

That’s all I got for now still need to brainstorm… so any advise, comments, or suggestions are welcome!

Im setting my sight on landing a reality raw un-cooking chef tv show on any network…Wish me Luck!!! And thanks for reading, soon to be watching J

One Request, (as I learned from a great mentor) Please praise publicly, and criticize privately. In length, if you like what I am saying please share it with everyone by posting a comment beneath the post, but if you disapprove of what I have posted, please email me privately, and I will be happy to discuss our points of views.

***The advertisements on this page, in no way represent me, or what I am writing about. They are chosen randomly by

**** I am not a doctor, and am in no way advising that any person should do as I do.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gratitude lil doms

i just ate at lil doms in los feliz with my bf.....n i did not eat any cooked food nor did i have to eat a gross typically bland wilted salad!!!! Iiiiii was able to order a fanastic fresh organic farmer's market fruit plate! although it was small n 11$ ...i am so gratful that restaurants are getting hip to the fact that people are health concious and are providing options for me! weeeee

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Claim to Fame

Fruit is Stacey’s entry # 23…my journey in becoming 100% LoFat Raw Vegan, meaning eating 80% or more of my calorie intake from carbs >10% Fat, >10% protein. Aka 80/10/10, or Fruitarian if you will.

My Claim to Fame

Day 3 (11 days to go) gotta have an end in site, I plan on going longer than 2 weeks, but at 2 weeks time I will feel very good about myself!!!

The Camera crew is gone, and the spotlight is dwindling haha….The shoot for the Food Network went amazing (I think, I hope)…The producer Lorna was so great, she made everything very easy on me so that it all felt very natural…well most of it…not the repeat yourself 5 times while behaving naturally and making sure you are standing the same exact way haha… I have never been in that situation, but now I know that is what makes good TV and that is what Lorna is good at J

1st it started out with the crew coming in and setting up their cameras lights and sound for about an hour…yup! We had to rearrange my house to be decent for certain shots, hopefully it looks ok on TV…how embarrassing if it doesn’t right!

Then my interview began..dun dun dunnnnnn…as you may or may not know I live in Echo Park, the land of the gangsta…so there are ghetto birds (is what we call them here on the dark side to you helicopter) flying over head constantly! This made for an interesting interview…I had to repeat what I said over and over, trying to remember what I had said was tough…oh gosh and then I got tongue tied, I couldn’t even say Fruitarian! Man that word grouped in a sentence can be a real tongue twister!!! But all in all Lorna said I was a natural (not sure if that was just to keep me calm, we will all soon know when the show airs in September on the food network)

Oh dang here was the hard part, I was getting really stressed out and frazzled, hopefully that did not come across on film. I was preparing a melon soup..

Sensational Summer Soup

-Honeydew cut in half, and gutted. (save inards and chop into small pieces, if you have a ¼” ice cream scooper this would make for much better presentation)

-Watermelon blended with a bit of ice and a bit of mint

-Pour watermelon into honeydew ½’s

The watermelon was so juicy the juice was flying everywhere, all over my kitchen and on my stove..i was in panic haha, then as I poured the soup into the bowl, the melon bowl titled and all the soup spilled out L I am sure this will be edited out…but it did not help my stress levels

Basically you can’t do anything while you are speaking because the mic does not pick up your voice clearly, so you have to speak and then chop…it was hard for me to remember! And then I kept looking at the camera instead of Lorna, so this is where frazzled comes into play…I just hope it comes out ok.

Then I made Raw Waldorf Salad






Coconut meat blended with a tiny bit of mandarin juice and a tiny bit coconut water (makes a yogurt cream)

Mix in with chopped fruit

My fruit friends, from Los Angeles Fruit Friends ( came over to eat the meal I had prepared. We had to eat and talk for 15 mins or so…it was difficult to sound natural…but low and behold we found things to talk about. So all went well for that scene J

Off to fruit foraging, Chris the natural as I like to call him now J took us to some amazing peach trees and banana trees, and a mandarin tree…woooo weee it was hot outside!

Then we were done (sad face) my claim to fame was over, but a glimpse,

Dust in the wind…. Bye bye showbiz…

Im setting my sight on landing a full season as a raw uncooking chef on the food network…Wish me Luck!!!

One Request, (as I learned from a great mentor) Please praise publicly, and criticize privately. In length, if you like what I am saying please share it with everyone by posting a comment beneath the post, but if you disapprove of what I have posted, please email me privately, and I will be happy to discuss our points of views.***The advertisements on this page, in no way represent me, or what I am writing about. They are chosen randomly by**** I am not a doctor, and am in no way advising that any person should do as I do

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fruitee Blogger

You say chezy I say fruitee

my comment at the end regarding 30 bananas was/is not meant to be a jab at 30bad, it is a question i am often asked, and one of the myths I would like to disprove through my delicious recipe creation. Love ya freely you are truly an inspiration to us all!

Ground Zero

I look totally weird but what the hey.

Fruit is Stacey’s entry # 22…my journey in becoming 100% LoFat Raw Vegan, meaning eating 80% or more of my calorie intake from carbs >10% Fat, >10% protein. Aka 80/10/10, or Fruitarian if you will.

Ground Zero

Day 1 (14 days to go) gotta have an end in site, I plan on going longer than 2 weeks, but at 2 weeks time I will feel very good about myself!!!

Ok so as you all know I have fallen of the wagon big time…! Not one blog entry since I returned from Costa Rica ☹ All for reasons that sound pathetic and self pitiable…(laughing with a sad face)……so this entry is to proclaim my new fresh beginning (emphasis on fresh fruit)!!!! Here is what went wrong and my in the near future plans to correct my previous endeavors. Following is a list of what I have realized in my failures, and the solutions which I am preparing to start practicing (there is never any gain from just stating problems without trying to come up with a solution for them, in “my matter of fact I know everything and you don’t voice” ;)

Recognition #1 ….I am truly addicted to the SAD (standard American diet), which include but are not limited to cooked foods, salt, dairy products, and everything else that you know you should not be eating, but want to for some reason, but can’t put your finger on why….I now know why …..addiction!!!!
Solution #1…go about this diet as any other addicted person must do 12 steps! 1st step, admit it!

Recognition #2….I am an all or nothing type of girl (awful realizing this about myself, but unfortunately it is true in more than one aspect in my life)….I am either gung ho and totally enthralled or the complete opposite “F’ it all, I’m gonna do want I want now” type of attitude… So introducing even the slightest variation of the LFRV diet leads to an absolute failure in my attempts to change. Even that “oohhh just one bite” mentality is not going fly! I have gone ssooo far gone off the diet that I even eat French fries, and cheese once again (what a wicked web we weave …in a sultry, sarcastic, drawn out, self defeated voice)

Recognition #3…real life, face to face support/motivation. When you have no one in your life who practices the same beliefs, nor do the people in your life even believe/support you in what you are doing, it can make it very hard to continue your own practice. As a social person I like to be surrounded by people who like and do the same things as me (I am sure you do to)…so when there is no one with you, and every one against you (also while they scrutinize you) it is hard to stay on track. Solution #3 find Fruit Friends! I have a meet-up group on called “Los Angeles Fruit Friends” please join me ☺

FUTURE Fruitee PLANNING Committee!!!!
1. Since I am addicted, I am unable to be around people or places that will tempt my addiction…Sorry if this sounds mean, but I need to become a hermit so I can accomplish what I want/need for myself…I am sure those who love me will understand!

2. I need to buy a whole lotta fruit! Which I did this morning! So I am set. If what I have stops sounding appetizing then I need to go buy new fruit, and if that happens again then so be it…One great way to save the fruit you just don’t feel like eating is freezing it, or dehydrating it!

3. I am hereby now electing Helena as my Fruit friend, Helena if you are reading this, thanks for hanging out the past couple of days it has been amazing, what a difference a day makes with a real life fruit friend to converse with!

Thanks for reading even tho I suck now! I hope that although I am not one of those people who just pick up this diet and run with it (im the exact opposite boohoo) that I am still helpful to this health movement, eye-opener, or just helpful to you if you are on this journey as well. It is tough for me, but I am going to keep trying....even when I fall down really hard, I know I am coming back to my fruits it is just a matter of when…so many things have happened recently that were true signs I needed to get back on the horse…and I just could not ignore them any longer…so if you are in the same predicament as me…Please set a date to start again you will not regret it!

One Request, (as I learned from a great mentor) Please praise publicly, and criticize privately. In length, if you like what I am saying please share it with everyone by posting a comment beneath the post, but if you disapprove of what I have posted, please email me privately at, and I will be happy to discuss our points of views.
***The advertisements on this page, in no way represent me, or what I am writing about. They are chosen randomly by
**** I am not a doctor, and am in no way advising that any person should do as I do.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Healing Foods & Healthy Recipes, Low Fat Raw Vegan Meals ...Yummy!!!

So I was just in Costa Rica for a month. For most of the time I was staying at Finca De Vida (Farm of Life) a Raw Healing Bed and Breakfast. What an amazing place, with such amazing people. I will never forget the experience I had while I was there.

I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for healthy/healing travel destinations. The Hosts Brian & Jody Calvi are such lovely people with a lot of knowledge on how to lead this desired lifestyle with ease.

Wilco Hermans was my partner in crime while I was there working in the kitchen preparing meals for the retreat goers. He is truly an amazing person with a beautiful soul, and he can make you laugh 100% of the time. He has a PHD in Holistic Nutrition. Although he is not on the farm all of the time he does have a website He has many years experience in natural hygiene, and I would recommend him any time someone needed help along their path. He does phone consultations, as well as through email.

Dr. Sam is a Physical Therapist and has been LFRV for 10 years, he is the facilitator of the retreats. If I learned one thing from him it was that you can not be healthy if you only worry about the food you eat, there are many components....including working out...which I need to get my but in gear, and get on top of that horse again!!! He is having another retreat in June, and if you are looking for fun, great food, and lots of outdoor activities this is the place to be!

I will not be there in June, but have left behind all the recipes we created together as a team so I am positive the food will be just as yummy as when I prepared it.

Health & Healing, in Love & Light!



Low-fat, Raw Gourmet Recipes to Thrive On!

Recipes Featured at the

Raw-Habilitation Retreats

By: Dr. Sam Mielcarski

hosted at Farm of Life, Costa Rica

By: Brian & Jody Calvi

Meal Preparation By Living Food Chefs: Wilco Hermans (holistic nutrition Doctor) & Stacey Jackson


Every Raw-Habilitation dinner was low-fat, raw gourmet. Each meal contained an:

·Abundance of leafy greens,

·An assortment of salad toppings,

·One or two salad dressings,

·A main dish and/or a soup,

·Possibly a side item,

·A dessert

To be low fat, only one fat type was included in one dish at each meal (for proper food digestion). Generally, the fat was included in the main dish, soup or salad dressing. In the recipes that follow, the fat is indicated with green color.

Generally, our modo was to “Eat Dessert First”. Most dessert recipes were purely fruit, and therefore were eaten first for best digestion. A few desserts were high-gourmet, contain nuts and seeds and poor food combining and were eaten last.

In addition, all recipes exclude garlic, onions, cayenne, ginger and other irritants. Of course, these can be added upon your discretion to taste. We remind you that spicy foods falsely stimulate your body and therefore are enervating.


1. Main Dishes – page 3

2. Soups – page 5

3. Side Dishes – page 6

4. Favorite Salad Dressings – page 8

5. Eat Dessert First – page 9

6. Eat Dessert Last – page 10

7. Favorite Smoothies and Beverages – page 11

Most recipes were the inspiration of Wilco Hermans, Stacey Jackson, & Jody Calvi. Much gratitude is extended to Wilco and Stacey for their culinary genius. Some recipes were adapted from Sam Mielcarski, Eric Rivken, Jackie Graff, Ani Phyo and Gina Panayi. We also thank James and Riana for contributing dishes to the retreats – their recipes are included here.

Most recipes were made to taste. In living food preparation no two pieces of fruit or vegetable are the in flavor. So many recipes were taste tested along the way adding more of a certain ingredient until the dishes flavor was just right.

Main Dishes


o Nori Sheets

o Celery Strips

o Red Bell Pepper Strips

o Zucchini Strips

o Shredded Carrot

o Almond Pate (Blended/Processed):

· Blended Almonds

· Blended celery

· Lime Juice

· Diced Chives

· Curry

· Dulse Flakes


o Ryce: Pulse-blend heart of palm, pine nuts, lime juice and saffron.

o Salad topping: Diced or sliced thinly salad of basil, parsley, carrot, red pepper, celery and cucumber in an orange-lime juice marinade.

o Assemble in red cabbage leaves


o Zucchini Pasta – zucchini spiralized into noodles

o Tomato Sauce:

· Pulse-blend tomato, pineapple and sun-dried tomato, leaving the sauce chunky:

· Then pulse the remaining ingredients into the sauce:

· Diced Red Bell Pepper

· Diced Basil

· Celery Salt

o Pineapple chunks and arugula sprinkle on top


o Slices from a large squash assembled with:

o Cucumber rounds

o Macadamia nut pate. Blended/Processed:

· Macadamia nut

· Diced Chives

· Lime Juice

o Marinara Sauce. Blended/Processed:

· Sun-dried Tomatoes

· Basil

· Rosemary

o Top off with red pepper rounds and basil


o Pesto. Processed:

· Pine Nuts

· Diced Chives

· Diced Basil

· Celery Salt

· Lemon juice

o Kale leaf rolled up with pesto and:

· Sticks of Red Pepper, Zucchini, Carrots, Cucumber,

· Basil, dill or parsley


o Gutted Tomatoes, Zucchini and/or Red Pepper

o Rice Stuffing: Pulse in a processor

· Diced Hearts of Palm

· Diced Celery

· Diced Chives

· Diced Parsley

· Diced Mint

· Dash of lemon juice

o Sauce drizzled on top:

· Tahini

· Orange Juice

· Essence of Orange

· Diced Mint

· Maple Syrup

o Sprinkle of cardamom on top


o Layers of

· Zucchini Slivers (lengthwise)

· Sliced tomatoes

· Diced Red bell peppers

· Spiral Carrots

· Diced Celery

· Hibiscus and whole basil leaves

o Ricotta – Macadamia nuts, lime juice and chives

o Marinara. Processed

· Sun-dried Tomatoes

· Tomatoes

· Basil

· Arugula

· Oregano

· Rosemary


v CARROT- AVOCADO SOUP. Recipe from James. Recipe given per serving

o Juice 7-8 medium carrots

o Juice of whole lemon

o ½ avocado

o Optional: 1 tsp ginger, ½ clove garlic, dash of cayenne pepper, dash of sea salt and 1 Tblp of olive oil.

v VEGGIE STEW – adapted from Jackie Graff. Serves 8.

o Soup. Blend the flowing

· 1 red pepper

· 1 stalk of celery

· 6 small tomatoes

· ½ cup sundried tomatoes

· 2 Tblsp of lemon juice

· 5 Medjool dates pitted

· 2 tsp cumin

· 1 tsp curry

· 1 tsp sea salt (optional)

· 3 cups of warm water

o Chunky Stew – stir into the soup

· ¼ cup basil chopped fine

· ¼ cup dill chopped fine

· 3 tomatoes chopped into small pieces

· 1 carrot thinly sliced

· 1 zucchini thinly sliced

· 1 red pepper diced

· Avocado slices (optional)

o Allow flavors to marry before serving – 5-12 hours

o Serve at room temperature


o Soup. Blended/Processed:

· Mango

· Orange juice (or lime)

· Parsley Sprigs

· Rosemary Sprigs

o Diced Red Bell pepper

o Diced Celery

o Diced Cucumber


o Broth: Coconut water (8), OJ (2) and lime juice (2) blended with lemongrass to create an infusion. Strain through a nut bag to remove indigestible pieces of lemongrass.

o Add Chunky Soup:

· Red Pepper thinly sliced

· Carrot julienned

· Cucumber noodles

· Heart of palm diced

· Cilantro diced

· Mint diced

· Lime juice

· Sprouts on top

o Optional – kelp noodles marinated 24-hours in the lemongrass-coconut water infusion.


o Blended

· Zucchini

· Avocado

· Cumin

· Diced Parsley

· Avocado slivers

· Celery Salt


o Juiced Red Bell Peppers

o Juiced Tomatoes

o Mesquite Powder

o Diced Sundried Tomatoes

o Diced Basil

o Diced Rosemary

o Slightly warmed

v PINA (Aka. Pineapple) GUMBO

o Soup

· Pineapple Juice

· Lettuce Juice

· Celery Juice

· Lime Juice

· (Save pulp for the stuffed tomatoes)

o Pineapple Chunks

o Red Pepper Chunks

o Cucumber Chunks

o Cilantro or Parsley Sprigs

Side Dishes


o Marinated Kale (kneaded hourly for 12 hours)

· Kale torn off of the stem and into small pieces

· Blended/Processed Mango

· Lime juice

· Cilantro

o Mango Chunks

o Red Cabbage slivers

o Red Pepper Chunks

o Chopped tomato


o Blended cauliflower, heart of palm and sundried tomato

v MANGO PEPPER SAUCE, recipe from Riana and Eric

o Blended/ processed

· 1 mango

· 1 red bell pepper

· 2-3 stalks of heart of palm

· 1 avocado

· Optional: 1 red onion, 1 garlic clove, green onions

o Served with slices of fresh vegetables, such as red pepper and celery


o Blended avocado

o Cucumber strips or diced

o Lime juice

o Mint or dill


o Core the tomatoes (and save the tomato guts for soups and dressings)

o Stuffing (the juicing pulp from the pineapple gumbo)

· Pineapple, Celery and Lime Pulp

o Dehydrated pineapple flower on top


o Broccoli, cauliflower and red pepper on a skewer

o Tahini drizzle

· Blended tahini

· Orange Juice

· Essence of Orange

· Diced Mint

· Maple Syrup

o Best served with the Mezze Veggies, which also uses Tahini as the fat.


o Sprouted Quinoa

o Curry

o Italian seasoning

o Diced Basil

o Diced Raisins


o Pineapple Chunks

o Cucumber Chunks

o Salsa Drizzle Topping

· Orange Juice

· Tree tomatoes


o Avocado

o Tomato

o Chives

o Celery Salt

o Diced Red Bell Pepper Topping

o Served with slices or sticks of Celery, Carrots and Red Pepper and dehydrated Sapote chips

v PEJIBAYE (not a raw food)

o Boiled for 45-minutes in salt water

o Eat warm

Favorite Salad Dressings

Directions – blend together ingredients for each recipe:

· Mango and Tree Tomato with Garden Herbs.

· Tomatoes and Tree Tomato with Garden Herbs

· Mango and dill

· Dehydrated Pineapple with Lemongrass.

o Blend pineapple juice with lemongrass. Strain using a nut bag to remove the lemongrass pieces (indigestible). The result is lemongrass-infused pineapple juice. Blend the infusion with dehydrated pineapple.

· Dehydrated papaya and Fresh red pepper

· Dehydrated Pineapple with the juice of Celery, Cucumber and/or Lettuce

· Dehydrated Pineapple with Orange Juice

· Dehydrated Mango with Celery juice

· Tomato, red pepper, cilantro and lime juice

· Avocado, Mango, Oregano

· Avocado, Tomato, Orange (remove skin and seeds)

· Avocado, Orange (remove skin and seeds), Basil.
Eat Dessert First


o Banana or Mango Sorbet

· Processed

· Blended Banana or Mango (mostly frozen, with some fresh bananas or mangos to help with the processing)

· If using bananas, then add lime juice

· If available, use an ice cream maker for a creamier sorbet

· Store in the freezer

o Assemble with scoops of sorbets inside hallowed papaya halves with sliced fruit on top


o Blended/Processed:

· Bananas

· Carob (or Cacao)

v SAPOTE PUDDING: Adapted from Eric Rivkin

o Blended/Processed:

· Sapote

· Bananas

· Cinnamon


o Banana Cut in ½, length wise

o Banana or Mango Sorbet

· Blended Banana or Mango (mostly frozen, with some fresh bananas or mangos to help with the processing)

· If using bananas, then add lime juice

· If available, use an ice cream maker for a creamier sorbet

· Store in the freezer

o Assemble with scoops of sorbet inside banana cut in ½ lengthwise. Sprinkled mint on the end


o Apricot Drizzle. Blended/processed apricot with lime juice.

o Pineapple Pudding. Blended pineapple

o Mango Pudding. Blended mangos with lime juice

o Papaya Pudding. Blended papayas with lime juice

o Assemble in glasses in layers with apricot drizzle on top. Store in the refrigerator, or temporarily in the freezer.


o Mango Sorbet

· Blended Mango (mostly frozen, with some fresh bananas or mangos to help with the processing)

· If available, use an ice cream maker for a creamier sorbet

· Store in the freezer

o Date Syrup

· Soaked raisins and dates, then blended w/ water.

o Hibiscus Flower Sprinkle

· Finely Diced Hibiscus Flowers Sprinkle Topping

o Almond crumble (optional). Almond crumbled prepared from blended almond nut pulp (leftovers from making almond milk), almond extract, cinnamon, ground flax and agave. Then, dehydrated in the form of cookies.

o Assemble with scoop of mango sorbet topped with date syrup, hibiscus flower sprinkle and almond crumble.


o Dehydrated Mango/Banana Crepe

· Blend Mangos and Bananas and dehydrate in think sheets. Cut into squares.

o Dehydrated Banana Crème Fraiche

· Blend partially dehydrated bananas and a few dates to form a paste

o Roll crepes with the banana paste inside

Eat Dessert Last


o Sliced mangos and Bananas

o Lime Juice

o Coconut whip cream. Blended Soft Coconut Meat


o Crust – Almonds and dates and/or raisins

o Filling – Blended Coconut Cream Concentrate, Bananas, Agave

o Coconut whip cream on the side - Blended Soft Coconut Meat


o Blended Pineapple, Banana and Coconut Meat (soft and hard), Mint, Agave

o Topped with pineapple sticks and coconut bits.

o Coconut whip cream on the side – blended soft coconut meat.


v SMOOTHIES – blend ingredients for each recipe

o Mango, Coconut Water, Celery

o Mango and Banana

o Papaya

o Watermelon with ice

o Lettuce or dark greens with banana, mango or pineapple


o Coconut water infused with mint

o Papaya-Mint Cocktail. Juice papayas and mint. Serve on ice with mint sprig.