Thursday, November 11, 2010

One to Two (That Easy)!!!

wow so now I have 2 clients on the "Raw Beauty Challenge" weeee so exciting. Started off with Jenn, and then her husband decided to join after listening in on our was too tempting to resist ;)

I have started each client off on a 7 day smoothie detox to kick off their new lifestyle. Surprisingly both embraced the change very well.

here is how we started:

1. I drove to clients home
2. I had clients change into form fitting clothes
3. I started each client a account (to track progress, get goal weight date & get calorie count idea)
4. took & logged clients measurements
5. logged clients current weight
6. formulated calorie goal per day based on goal weight & weight loss rate
7. We discussed likes and dislikes (for when the will be eating raw meals prepared by yours truly Raw Beauty Chef Stacey J)
8. I went over a health lesson on proper food combining.
9. I went over transition rules
10. I went over buying Smoothie Rules when they are in a pinch (where to go and what to get)
11. We went grocery Shopping
12. We came home unloaded, and made our 1st smoothie :)))
13. I gave them some smoothie recipes
14. Today I have been on text with them motivating and answering questions

Check out our website RawBeautyChallenge to see their progress, or our youtube channel to see interviews RawBeautyChallenge..

Let me know if you are interested in joining the Raw Beauty Challenge, their are customizable packages for any budget, for anyone, any place all over the world!!!

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