Wednesday, November 17, 2010

100 calorie HEALTHY snacks

wow can we talk about this for a second please..... here is a list of what is proposing people eat for a 100 calorie healthy snack (this is absurd! and you will be very hungry still!!!!) Each of these snacks below are full of refined sugar, that will lead to inevitable crashes

Sweet Treats

Good Housekeeping Magazine

-5 Nabisco Nilla Wafers
-1 Whole Foods Market Two-Bite Brownie
-1 Healthy Choice Mocha Fudge Swirl Bar
-9 Tootsie Roll Midgees
-1 pouch Keebler Sandies Right Bites Shortbread Cookies
-½ cup Sharon's Lemon Sorbet with 1/4 cup blueberries
-1 Skinny Cow Fat Free Fudge Bar
-1 Nestlé Butterfinger Stixx
-12 vanilla Miss Meringue Minis
-4 Country Choice Certified Organic Ginger Snaps
-1 Vitamuffin Vitatop

Savory Bites

-29 pistachios
-60 Pepperidge Farm Baby Goldfish Crackers
-1 Jolly Time Healthy Pop 100 Calorie Mini Bag popcorn
-25 EatSmart Café Fries
-12 Back to Nature Sesame Ginger Rice Thins
-12 Quaker Quakes Cheddar Cheese Rice Snacks
-40 Rold Gold Classic Style Pretzel Sticks

Dairy Delights

-1 Laughing Cow Light Creamy Garlic & Herb cheese wedge and 3 Triscuits
-1 Kraft Polly-O Superlong Twist-Ums string cheese stick
-1 Yoplait Light Smoothie
-½ cup low-fat cottage cheese with 5 strawberries

Hearty Helpings

-Campbell's Soup at Hand Blended Vegetable Medley
-1 hard-boiled egg with 1 slice Melba toast
-4 slices Sara Lee Honey Ham with 2 teaspoons honey mustard, rolled in lettuce leaf
-½ mini bagel with 1 ounce smoked salmon

Ok so from my 1st sentence you can obviously tell that the above list is what I do NOT recommend people consume as there in-between meal 100 cal snack. If you were to eat any of the above you would feel hungry very shortly after, and you would be wasting yet another 100 cals that you will have to figure out how to burn off or suffer the consequences.

here is a list of proposed 100 cal snacks that will not only fill you up but leave you energized (not about to doze off at your desk)

-2 cups raspberries ...2 whole cups that is a ton!
-28 grapes
-1 cup blueberries
-1 cup mango chunks
-½ medium cantaloupe... i eat this for an entire meal, and this is a snack option!
-1 medium banana.......these are pretty filling so if you are extra hungry go this route!

not to mention fruit digests easily and quickly when eaten alone (not mixed with anything) and even better when eaten mono (eating 1 type fo fruit at a time)...This means you will not fill bogged down from your snack time

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