Friday, November 12, 2010

My Fruitarian TV Show!

My Fruitarian TV Show

It is finally here, and I just got to watch it. The series is called "My Life In Food" and the episode I was featured in is called " Extreme Diets".

Now there is a part where a "Doctor" says that one can only get the vitamin B12 by eating meats & dairy products, now this is just not true!

read this article (by clicking that link) & read below.

Vitamin B12 is a microbe -- a bacteria -- which is produced by microorganisms. Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin that contains a trace element -- cobalt -- which gives this vitamin its chemical name, cobalamin, which is at the center of its molecular structure. Humans and all vertebrates require cobalt, although it is assimilated only in the form of Vitamin B12.

If you are in the habit of eating unwashed veggies, these may contain small amounts of B12, as it is produced by microbes found in soil.

If we were all living the same as we once did one with nature, B12 would not be a problem. We foraged for fruit getting bacteria from plants all over our bodies, e gardened daily getting soil all over our bodies, we bathed in creeks, lakes, rivers & the ocean getting mineral rich water and soil all over our bodies... We have 1 billion-trillion tiny mouths which are called pores. They too eat, and if we were one with nature they would be eating all the b12 they would need, and no such deficiency would exist, even without eating meat, dairy & sea get out there and start gardening folks, or even go to the hot springs near you :)

Enjoy the Show!!!


  1. Stace!

    Really enjoyed watching you on the tv show. Good for you! I remember when you began blogging and you mentioned that you wanted to improve skin tone (i think)? Have you noticed an improvement in tone, clarity, refined pores, diminished wrinkles? Thanks! I experimented with 80-10-10 myself, but realized I have some underlying health issues that I need to address before I can really thrive in that lifestyle. I hope to experiment with it again, though. I miss eating fruit!

    check out my raw food travel blog where I traveled across North America in a beat up cargo van (and makeshift mobile home):

  2. Yes! I have...the better I do on the diet the better my skin is, If i mess up my skin will be the 1st to suffer the consequences. With longevity on this diet I am hoping to look like Tanya Zavasta when I'm 50 ")

  3. You looked fantastic on the TV show. But specifically...WRINKLES, have they noticeably diminished?

  4. i have not been doing it long enough I think to notice the results of ones that I have now going away, but I have noticed that I have not gotten any new my eyes are still crow feet free!