Monday, November 15, 2010

My 1st "Un-Cooking" Course

My 1st "Un-Cooking" Course went spectacular. I appreciate Stephen from Mooi for letting me use his space it was just perfect. I thank all the people who came, and my friends that showed up to support. I was nervous :) but I think it went well, and I am very excited to do my Next one on 11/27.

20 people came to this past class on 11/13, I spoke of proper food combining, and sequential eating. I provided a handout w/ the food combining rules, with a food combining chart, w/ the recipes, sequential eating rules, which deserts to eat 1st, which not to eat, what combinations to avoid, etc.

The recipes were a thai theme. I started w/ a pineapple mango parfait w/ a strawberry puree sauce. Then there were my non-fat twist on Thai Spring Rolls, and ended with a low-fat Tom Kha coconut soup. I got great reviews on the food, everyone really enjoyed them. This was a relief because I do not use any spices nor condiments, and some peoples palettes might not be ready for that "clean" of food, but I received zero complaints, so I am stoked.

I will be posting a video of the class shortly on my youtube channel Stacey Hearts Fruit

The booklet I made w/ food combining lessons, and recipes will be for sale for 10$, I can send you the booklet & videos of the class plus recipe demos for $20

If you would like to attend the next class please email me to RSVP for a discounted price of $10

Please email me at if you are interested :)

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