Monday, September 6, 2010

Episode all about MEEEEE (weeee)

OK so on October 22nd Friday evening 9pm eastern time my episode in a series about alternative diets will appear on the Cooking Channel...which leads me to my point...

Omg so today I meet with a Producer who may possibly be interested in filming ME for a RAW food uncooking show! I do have some competition tho, apparently there are "others"...these others have way more blog fans than moi :( although I can understand why I am not inherenitly a writer so I am not on top of this blog day in a day out ....BUT I do have a passion for RAW food, and a passion for helping people!

With that being said I need more FANS! I need to reach a wider audience, and I need to stay on top of my game! Have you seen my youtube channel? it is called Stacey Heart's Fruit...Please visit it and subscribe!

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