Monday, August 2, 2010

My Claim to Fame

Fruit is Stacey’s entry # 23…my journey in becoming 100% LoFat Raw Vegan, meaning eating 80% or more of my calorie intake from carbs >10% Fat, >10% protein. Aka 80/10/10, or Fruitarian if you will.

My Claim to Fame

Day 3 (11 days to go) gotta have an end in site, I plan on going longer than 2 weeks, but at 2 weeks time I will feel very good about myself!!!

The Camera crew is gone, and the spotlight is dwindling haha….The shoot for the Food Network went amazing (I think, I hope)…The producer Lorna was so great, she made everything very easy on me so that it all felt very natural…well most of it…not the repeat yourself 5 times while behaving naturally and making sure you are standing the same exact way haha… I have never been in that situation, but now I know that is what makes good TV and that is what Lorna is good at J

1st it started out with the crew coming in and setting up their cameras lights and sound for about an hour…yup! We had to rearrange my house to be decent for certain shots, hopefully it looks ok on TV…how embarrassing if it doesn’t right!

Then my interview began..dun dun dunnnnnn…as you may or may not know I live in Echo Park, the land of the gangsta…so there are ghetto birds (is what we call them here on the dark side to you helicopter) flying over head constantly! This made for an interesting interview…I had to repeat what I said over and over, trying to remember what I had said was tough…oh gosh and then I got tongue tied, I couldn’t even say Fruitarian! Man that word grouped in a sentence can be a real tongue twister!!! But all in all Lorna said I was a natural (not sure if that was just to keep me calm, we will all soon know when the show airs in September on the food network)

Oh dang here was the hard part, I was getting really stressed out and frazzled, hopefully that did not come across on film. I was preparing a melon soup..

Sensational Summer Soup

-Honeydew cut in half, and gutted. (save inards and chop into small pieces, if you have a ¼” ice cream scooper this would make for much better presentation)

-Watermelon blended with a bit of ice and a bit of mint

-Pour watermelon into honeydew ½’s

The watermelon was so juicy the juice was flying everywhere, all over my kitchen and on my stove..i was in panic haha, then as I poured the soup into the bowl, the melon bowl titled and all the soup spilled out L I am sure this will be edited out…but it did not help my stress levels

Basically you can’t do anything while you are speaking because the mic does not pick up your voice clearly, so you have to speak and then chop…it was hard for me to remember! And then I kept looking at the camera instead of Lorna, so this is where frazzled comes into play…I just hope it comes out ok.

Then I made Raw Waldorf Salad






Coconut meat blended with a tiny bit of mandarin juice and a tiny bit coconut water (makes a yogurt cream)

Mix in with chopped fruit

My fruit friends, from Los Angeles Fruit Friends ( came over to eat the meal I had prepared. We had to eat and talk for 15 mins or so…it was difficult to sound natural…but low and behold we found things to talk about. So all went well for that scene J

Off to fruit foraging, Chris the natural as I like to call him now J took us to some amazing peach trees and banana trees, and a mandarin tree…woooo weee it was hot outside!

Then we were done (sad face) my claim to fame was over, but a glimpse,

Dust in the wind…. Bye bye showbiz…

Im setting my sight on landing a full season as a raw uncooking chef on the food network…Wish me Luck!!!

One Request, (as I learned from a great mentor) Please praise publicly, and criticize privately. In length, if you like what I am saying please share it with everyone by posting a comment beneath the post, but if you disapprove of what I have posted, please email me privately, and I will be happy to discuss our points of views.***The advertisements on this page, in no way represent me, or what I am writing about. They are chosen randomly by**** I am not a doctor, and am in no way advising that any person should do as I do


  1. Too Cool!!! Congrats. I don't have the Food Network, though, so you'll have to find a way to get this on the web!


  2. I will be sure to provide it on the web as well, I do not have cable either :)

  3. All sounds fantastic, good luck, I look forward to seeing you on the food network, I may even try this out myself.
    Diane Lange