Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back on Track

Fruit is Stacey’s entry # 14…my journey in becoming 100% LoFat Raw Vegan, meaning eating 80% or more of my calorie intake from carbs >10% Fat, >10% protein.

Marvelous Guidance

Day 12 11/18/09…(352 to go)

Woke up at 8am found Apple puppy just as happy as ever JHORRAY! Phew man what a horrible anxiety ridden 24 hours. I had no excuse for my mess up yesterday! I am going to come up with a different option to soothe myself for when I just have those really really horrible days. I noticed that Dr. D Graham has some recipes for “celebration” food in his recipe book, so I think those will have to be what I do when I just need that feeling everything is going to be all right, until I learn how to cope with my feelings in the moment…I don’t know about you guys, but for me that is a hefty task, so celebration food it is! Here is great advice I rcvd from two of my fourum friends:

1. it can be very challenging when one has emotional difficulties.~~~There have been very difficult times in my life where I have continued with the fruit diet, even though it was temping to eat or drink something that would numb me a bit to the pain. ~~~However, I continued with the fruit diet, and I really think that it was one of the things that helped carry me through the difficult times.~~~It may have been easier short term to have numbed my feelings, but I know through experience that long term I benefit because the fruit diet does not give quick fixes but rather it helps me because it allows me to heal properly and fully rather than just numbing the pain.~~~So, for me, my past knowledge of how a fruit diet helps me in an appropriate way, rather than just papering over the cracks or covering up the problem, is what helps me to stay in the diet, rather than reach for something that will just numb my emotions. ~~~Recently I lost my dear kitten, in tragic circumstances. The pain was so much, I just wanted something to numb all the feelings. I could really understand why people use drugs or food to take the edge of what can be very 'raw' when one is on a raw diet. ~~~But I do think that not numbing the pain although harder in the short term, allows our emotions to run unhampered; and in the long term I do think we may heal more effectively if we allow full rein to our feelings. ~~~I look to my own past experiences when dealing with emotionally challenges. So maybe as you progress along the raw path, you will be able to use your own personal experiences of the diet's capacity for emotional as well as physical healing to strengthen you on those days when the dark clouds settle. So I think that things do become easier the longer you have been raw. It can be very challenging when you first start out.~~~I also find that exercise can really help to channel frustration and other emotions into something more positive.~~~Or just try to change your focus from food into something else; have a nice relaxing bath or have a massage or do an activity that you enjoy.~~~I think it helps to remember that the long-term raw solutions are not always the quickest or easiest but in the big scheme of things they are the most effective.

2. Practice being present and poised. If we allow our minds to tell us things are tough we can't improve. If we go for a walk or sit still and practice presence, we the joy within will bubble up and harmony will be ours. Raw is not a prize; health is the ongoing goal.

I plan to read these every morning, so that I remember to live in the present, and deal with my emotions correctly. Not only am I practicing this diet for the outer health benefits, but also for the inner ones too….There is not a lot you can run and hide from on this diet…no more eating or drinking yourself into an oblivion, and the eye opener is that we all do this a lot more than we think. I’d like to propose a challenge. Try to only eat when you are truly hungry this week, not bored, not tired, not because it’s lunch time, because you are truly hungry…see how you feel!

~Tried to get all this stuff done today, as my list of things to do keeps growing!, but with this little pup I get like 1 thing done a day…being a puppy mommy is harder than you think folks…time consuming? no LIFE CONSUMING!

I did punish myself for eating cooked food yesterday tho. I cleaned the entire house…I don’t even hate cleaning, I LOATHE it (in scary Ursula voice).

I didn’t eat enough today, completely devoted my day to making sure apple puppy had everything she needed exactly when she needed it. I need to get some bananas I have ran out, these are my big calorie uppers, and tummy fillers.

I am supposed to go for breakfast or lunch tomorrow with my gf, Here is my plan of attack: drink a BIG smoothie before I go. Bring a baggie with some strawberries, and mint. Have a little tuber ware of oj, or apple juice….order mixed greens with cucumber, and add my own toppings! Hope the server isn’t annoyed ;)…i think I would be…haha, but of course everything annoys me (in sly, guilty voice)

11/17/09 meal analysis

breakfast grapes/strawberries, 1 fig, lunch box figs, dinner sprout salad, and cherry tomatoes.

11/17/09 Activities

watching the puppy all day, took her to get her decahedra out, watched her some more

11/17/09 Symptoms

still dealing with my cooked food conundrum! …You may be asking why is eating cooked food so bad?!? Please read this I have many other books and articles, if you are interested just leave a comment, and I will direct you ;)

Eyes still dry, itchy and red, itchy nose, sneezing, tinky pee. Have bad anxiety and am exhausted for obvious reasons other than food.

Message from Dr. D (makes me happy my worst symptom is sneezing..well so far who knows what’s to come) Detox can be generalized, but your specific symptoms will likely be 
unique, to the individual. From black tar coming out of the umbilicus 
to phantom pains to burning feet to sleeping 500+ hours in a month 
to inexplicable depression to almost unbearable kidney pain; I have 
seen such things and more, and watched people come out the other 
side happier, healthier, and better than ever.

Am I a boring blogger??? Any tips for a revamp? Promise to not include so much apple next blog ;) more 811 talk

One Request, (as I learned from a great mentor) Please praise publicly, and criticize privately. In length, if you like what I am saying please share it with everyone by posting a comment beneath the post, but if you disapprove of what I have posted, please email me privately, and I will be happy to discuss our points of views.***The advertisements on this page, in no way represent me, or what I am writing about. They are chosen randomly by**** I am not a doctor, and am in no way advising that any person should do as I do.

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