Sunday, November 8, 2009

It’s easiest when you are at home.

Fruit is Stacey’s entry # 4

It’s easiest when you are at home.

Day 2 11/8/09…(363 to go)

Today’s post will be short, as my other blogs are quit long, and I don’t want to overwhelm people, but I did promise a lot of information, with any luck I will be able to keep up my stamina.

Meal analysis11/07/09

Above is my analysis, and the pics of my snacks….I was so hungry when I got back from shopping I forgot to take a pick of my strawberry/papaya salad (sorry).

I realize I totally did not eat enough, but I am getting over a cold, and you really aren’t supposed to eat at all until you are entirely better…so I don’t have the hugest appetite. Also, my stomach needs to stretch…slowly but surely I will be able to eat 7-9 pounds of fruit a day OO

My cronometer isn’t working ….so maybe nutridiary will have to do L

Activities 11/07/09

Yesterday I was laaaaazzzY. After shopping I did nothing but eat, and promote my blog on websites…then I took that 6 hour nap, then I ate some grapes, and hit the sac. Once this cold kicks, I am sure working out won’t be as tough..but who knows I do likes sitting on that couch

Symptoms 11/07/09

Still just coughing away, runny nose, and sleepy. My hands are a little shaky, & I'm cold!

I am off to a bridal shower, with lots of food, champagne, all sorts of other temptations, including the devils advocate (you know who you are)…So I need an extra boost of strength, and a whole lotta luck!

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