Sunday, November 15, 2009

POOOOOO & Pupppies

Fruit is Stacey’s entry # 11my journey in becoming 100% LoFat Raw Vegan, meaning eating 80% or more of my calorie intake from carbs >10% Fat, >10% protein.

POOOOOO & Pupppies

Day 9 11/15/09…(356 to go)

I kinda always say (now write) things I’m not supposed to. Im one of those people who thinks everyone is on the same page, and everyone should just “feel me”…and know what I mean. So if that offends you, or you find it in appropriate I humbly apologize …and I respectfully request that u stop reading this post now J Or just skip down to the next paragraph!

So here goes I woke up at 3am to go poooooo…yup that’s right, I’m telling the whole world about my poo, I promised to be honest about all my symptoms, and this is a major one…I didn’t poo for like 3 days, I was getting real worried. On sad (standard American diet) I went at least once a day…u’d think eatin all these fruits and veggies it would be real hard for your body not to go right?! I also woke up at 8am dreaming about going poo again, so I did, and now I been pooing all day. I’m sure tomorrow it will just go back to normal J

Soooo toooday…I went and got Apple …”the fruit” you ask? “why no” …the super cutest, prettiest, most adooooorable puppy EVER!!!! (see pic above) love this dog! I have wanted a puppy for so long, and we finally went and got one….I’ve been holding her close all day just to get in the delicious puppy smell while it lasts. Finally I had to put her down for a nap.

Does anyone have raw dogs out there, and by raw dogs I mean you feed them only on their natural diet…I would love to hear from you!!! I have found an online supplier called BARF…anyone used them?

Made a papaya kiwi salad for lunch.. yumalicious. Apple tried to eat it too.

My Bf ordered thai food, and I got this raw green papaya salad they serve with cabage, made my own dressing. Ate a banana a bit later

11/14/09 meal analysis

made the same smoothie but I added an apple because I am more hungry in the morning, so pack in the calories while I can. Already at 900 by lunch getting up there guys…my tummy is stretching in my attempts to eat 2000!

11/14/09 Activities

bought a puppy with my bf, and played with my puppy with my bf :D

11/14/09 Symptoms

poo poo poo…sorry is that too graphic…other than that..I have been waking up with my cough for like an hour, then it subsides...I sneeze a few times in the morning, and blow my nose a few times..

Thanks a lot for reading!

One Request, (as I learned from a great mentor) Please praise publicly, and criticize privately. In length, if you like what I am saying please share it with everyone by posting a comment beneath the post, but if you disapprove of what I have posted, please email me privately, and I will be happy to discuss our points of views.***The advertisements on this page, in no way represent me, or what I am writing about. They are chosen randomly by**** I am not a doctor, and am in no way advising that any person should do as I do.


  1. I know I am not eating enough, but here is a good quote from DR.D graham on the subject "Perhaps it will prove useful to you.
    When learning to eat 811, there are two clear positions at meals: all
    you care to eat, and all you can eat. All you care for, is typically
    somewhat or much less than all you can. I recommend splitting the
    difference, or, as I mentioned in The 80/10/10 Diet, eat slightly more
    than "all you care for," until you get used, mentally and physically, to
    eating greater volumes of food."

  2. Stacy, I started feeding my dog raw diet after he developed allergies on kibble. I now know that kibble is the doggie version of SAD. Processed, heated and fake food.
    This is a great place to learn how to do it right:

  3. my energy levels are pretty good i think...I get up at 5:30-6am, and i start getting tired around 8pm