Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To Force Feed, or not to Force Feed, that is the question?

Fruit is Stacey’s Friend...blog entry # 6…my journey in becoming 100% LoFat Raw Vegan, meaning eating 80% or more of my calorie intake from carbs >10% Fat, >10% protein.

Day 4 11/10/09…(361 to go) Earth shattering YOGA!

I think of the most brilliant things to type about right when I wake up ,,,but the second I get out of bed, poof they are gone..so here is my blog for yesterday...

Got up drank a strawberry/papaya smoothie, and ate a bowl of strawberries and papaya in my attempt to get in all the calories I need.

Then OMFG, I went to yoga this morning at 10:30am in Echo Park. My friend Chloe was the teacher, and she does it on a donation basis. It was such a beautiful day ..as chloe put it, “it feels like we are in a snow globe looking out”…laying on our yoga mats it really did

She taught the best yoga class I have ever taken, could this be because there were only two students, and she was very attentive to my every pose?…(small meek voice) yes, but never the less, she was very informative, and explained every pose very well. I never had to lift my head up, I knew exactly what to do and when to do it….if ay of folks out there, live near me and want to join…JOIN

I came back and was staaarving. So I made a smoothie, while I made my lunch (in my continuous attempt to fully feed myself)…I felt like a glutton while eating the bowl of fruit. I was sitting there, literally watching the food baby in my belly grow.

Later that day….~~~Stacey I say to myself “just admit your addicted dang it”

Places to avoid:

If you have seen my top 20 list (blog entry # 1), then you know I should not be going to the movies…they have Coke, they have candy, they have popcorn, they have ice cream, and they even have pizzzzza. So why am I torturing myself by going to this place on my 3rd day. Loco in la cabeza…That’s why! …….moving on with mi vida loca…

Made dinner, a salad soup…it was hard to swallow…tip to newbies…stick to the recipe book until you know what works.

11/09/09 meal analysis

Above is my analysis; again I did not get enough calories today (should eat 1800-2000). How can I possibly eat enough calories if 1. I get so full so fast. And 2….I’m not hungry??? I force-feed myself dinner, and it just felt wrong, I went to bed with stomach cramps. From now on I am just going to listen to my body and eat when I am hungry… I am sure as I detox, my hunger will rise.

11/09/09 Activities

15 min walk to yoga, 1 ½ hour yoga, 15 min walk back …not a lazy bum anymore

11/09/09 Symptoms

Still coughing, still blowing my nose…, I’m sleepy…I think I need to eat more… My mouth has cleared up, and my tongue is nice and pink. Cramps have subsided THANK THE LORD! Oh and I peed like 20 million times, which is said to be good. I got one small little blemish on the side of my chin…which is a lot better than what I use to get around this time of month!

I think I need an editor.

A thanks again for reading, & there is no charge for awesomeness (in kung fu ninja voice hiya).\

One Request, (as I learned from a great mentor) Please praise publicly, and criticize privately. In length, if you like what I am saying please share it with everyone by posting a comment beneath the post, but if you disapprove of what I have posted, please email me privately, and I will be happy to discuss our points of views. ***The advertisements on this page, in no way represent me, or what I am writing about. They are chosen randomly by google.com. **** I am not a doctor, and am in no way advising that any person should do as I do.


  1. Hey, I saw your post on 30Bad and I'm going to be following your blog from now. I'm LFRV too (or at least wannabe.. I'm waiting for the book to arrive) and it's really helpful to see someone else going through the same journey.

    Though I wish I could say I had the same problem as you :P, I have absolutely no problem eating enough calories, actually according to nutridiary, I often eat too many.

    May I suggest you start of the day with smoothies, instead of doing them in the afternoon? It's much easier to get everything in in smoothie form. And maybe a smoothie before every meal? But anyway... I understand it can be difficult. I've seen your nutrition analysis and eating 2000 calories in 3 meals is a challenge :P, maybe you could eat more often?

    Well, that's may take on it. Good luck ;)


  2. "From now on I am just going to listen to my body and eat when I am hungry"

    I fully agree, and don't worry about calories, unless you're skeleton-skinny or something like that.

  3. calories don't necessarily come from how MUCH you eat, but rather WHAT you eat- rethink the amount of fruits you are eating- consider replacing some of that with more fat rich sources- everyone's body processes things differently, some people need a little more fat and calories than others to feel good and have energy.

    -deedawg- a fellow RV