Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 1….(364 to go) 1st trip to Farmers Market

Day 1….(364 to go)

Part One Fruit Shopping!

I just got back from vacation, so as most would assume, all of the produce in and out of my fridge has gone bad. I should be saying that today would be the perfect day to ransack my cupboards and discard of all the food-stuff, that may or may not appear on my top 20 list above, but I don’t live alone. I live with my 2 younger brothers, and my boyfriend, all who have very different diets from my own (needles to say Challenge #1). Moving on…

So meal planning (I’ve never been good at this)… according to my studies, I am supposed to eat about 1800-2200 calories a day, depending on my output (activities, exercise, house work, etc). That is about 7-9 pounds of fruit & veggies a day. WOWZA! I think my strategy will be to buy a lot of the same fruits, and eat the same sort of meals for a week at a time, until I can afford to be more creative.

Today started off good, got up went to the farmers market, got a fresh papaya smoothie, and did my shopping….but then! we go to trader joe's...and there right in front of my face is the cheese (haha I just licked my lips as I typed the word)...and just around the corner, the wine...I yelled at my boyfriend WE HAVE TO LEAVE....we walked straight to the check out stand (don't think i didn't notice all those bars of chocolate cuz I did) ...I paid the nice lady and rushed out the door!

Shopping was interesting to say the least…I tried the look and smell theory to finding the best fruit there was (from the help of my forum buddies), but unfortunately I still have a stuffed up nose, so I had to rely on my eyes alone…so far the papaya and strawberries taste good! Hopefully my eyes didn't fail me on the rest.

Here is my list (everything was organic):

Black grapes


Strawberries 7.00 for 3 baskets



Tomatoes 4.25


1 Cucumber .50

Arugula 3.00

Mixed Greens 3.00

Persimmons 3.00


1 Grapefruit 1.25



1 Red, Orange, Yellow Bell pepper 1.29 each



And the fresh papaya juice J

Spent $60.00 total, but also bought chicken, garlic, eggs, milk and parsley for my boyfriend. Next shopping trip I will be much better about logging the exact cost of each item (it was hard at the farmer's market...I didn't have enough hands, and I was getting in everyones way) above is about all I can remember… I am guessing I am going to need to go shopping again very soon….didn’t want to go overboard on the 1st day. I am very interested to see how long this all lasts. Of course I will keep you posted on that as well…

Now I am realizing I should have purchased some frozen berries for a quick smoothie fix if needed!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my 1st food/calorie analysis, as well as my 1st weight/measurement analysis….

Thanks for Reading!


p.s. any tips from experienced 80/10/10ers are welcome!

attached is a pic of the isolated fruit section in our fridge, the poor lonely apples.


  1. I'm really excited to read your blog!!
    EEEK!! It's such a journey:)
    Thanks for being so devoted and eager, it's SO inspiring!

  2. hey this is han from vegsource:)

    good luck!! ill be reading eveyday. we can do it!