Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pretty Normal Day, Pretty Normal Blog...

Fruit is Stacey’s entry # 7…my journey in becoming 100% LoFat Raw Vegan, meaning eating 80% or more of my calorie intake from carbs >10% Fat, >10% protein.

Day 5 11/11/09…(360 to go)

Yesterday I woke up again at 6am…arrgggh. I really miss sleeping, it is one of my most favorite things..they shoulda had that as a line in the sound of music. I did go to bed early tho, like 8:30 ..i was tired, don’t know if it is because of too little calories, or yoga for the 1st time in ages?

Got up drank a orange/banana/blueberry smoothie. Went to yoga, once again, it was epic…today I was sore! So I was not as good at holding the poses, or the form, I probably looked like an old lady that couldn’t get up after she’s fallen ;(

Chloe & her friend the sweet things that they are brought me a water jug, with vitalizing crystals in it. Soooo sweet (teen girl squad voice …u have to know what I’m talking about ……..sooo funny)

Got some good advise about getting enough calories…”Eat higher density fruit” she says…DUH…. in the mean time, i hope my stomach stretches so I don't waste away to practically nothing.

Ate a banana, Went to work at 4pm, I was surprisingly not that tempting (I work with booze and sushi both hit top of the charts), ate a banana when I got home, went to bed at 12 with the hopes that I would sleep in later.

Pretty normal day, pretty normal blog. Sorry.

11/10/09 meal analysis

Still only at 800 cals, but…I am going to listen to my body. Slowly but surely my stomach will stretch, as I get over this cold, and detox I think I will be able to eat more…Let’s see how it goes, shall we.

11/10/09 Activities

so hard to do yoga today, I was so sore from yesterday, I couldn’t do a chata ranga to save my life! I did 2 hours of yoga.

11/10/09 Symptoms

Coughing so much I have a four pack (no freakin kidding), still blowing my nose…, lying in bed, I was getting this strange hot pain right where your nose and eyebrow meet all day.

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  1. When I first went raw vegan from standard vegan (granted, it wasn't 80/10/10) I developed some kind of sinus infection that lasted three weeks! Your change in diet may be adding to your symptoms (detox or otherwise) and making your "illness" last longer? Perhaps?

  2. Oh, and no need to apologize for a "normal blog". Following your progress is fascinating!

  3. aww thanks! tots true btw, about the longer lasting "cold"....everyone thinks that because I am sick so long something must be wrong, but since I am not suppressing my symptoms, and I am letting my body go through the detoxification naturally it is lasting longer.