Monday, November 9, 2009

THE BRIDAL SHOWER w/ CRAMPS! (in a big scary font & deep ominous voice)

Fruit is Stacey’s entry # 5

THE BRIDAL SHOWER w/ CRAMPS! (in a big scary font & deep ominous voice)

Day 3 11/09/09…(362 to go)

I started off the day eaaaarlY. I woke up at 5 am…I immediately started feeling menstrual cramps …boooo hooo…. I am victim to the kind where it feels like you have piranhas eating your uterus, simultaneously the back of my legs feel like I have been in the yoga pose warrior 3 for about 2 hours….I loathe the day I start my period, and can not wait for these symptoms to subside (in a cherry voice “from my High water, lo fat, lo protein, whole, fresh, ripe, FRUIT & VEGGIE DIET!!!!”).

Bridal shower goes like this:

Show up to see all my friends, and every one light heartedly & loving laugh…”oh here’s Stacey with her bag of fruit” …I brought mangos, and strawberries…Incidentally the girls I don’t know show up late, and I get weird stares from peering eyes. One girl actually looked like she wanted to kill my strawberry …my poor little beautiful innocent strawberry….my strawberry said..don’t kill my, im so shiny and red, and I taste so good …especially with mango!... The bridal shower was great, friends, and laughter, always a nice time! I sat there, and ate my mango and strawberries, while everyone enjoyed their eggs & bacon, or what have you. The only thing that I was really jealous over was the bottomless mimosa for $7.50 (what a steal)…but I had my water with lemon, and tried not to think about it.

BUT THEN…we go back to my b.f.f.skies (aka devils advocate) house, and she had cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, as well as cookies, more mimosas, followed by a big cheese pizza delivery (and if anyone paid attention to my top 20 cheese & pizza are very high up there) …OH THE PAIN….and the rest of the day went like this, Them: “Drink a mimosa”, Me: no thanks, really, Them: ok how about just some OJ, Me: no thanks, I only drink fresh juice. (20 mins later) Them: I wish you would have a mimosa, Me: Did you read my blog?

Ha, it was all with loving-kindness tho, so no worries gurls, I love ya, I know you are truly supporting me!

I learned how to tweet on my new blackberry (shoulda just got an iphone but that’s a whole separate blog entirely), then I was getting hungry, tired & just had to bounce!

11/08/09 meal analysis

Above is my analysis, again I did not eat enough today. I get so full so fast.


Sitting, talking, laughing :/


My coughs are now really dry, my nose is not so runny, but still needs to be blown here and there…I’m sleepy, perhaps that is also because of my really random sleeping patterns. My mouth tastes bad, and I'm getting this weird heat in my ear when I turn my head in the morning, cramps literally lasted all day.

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  1. She wanted to kill your strawberry hahahahahaha........I hate cramps :(

  2. I have found that the longer that I am raw, the less severe my cramps become and I no longer flood as I used to on the SAD diet. I am liking my raw lifestyle. Good luck to you!

  3. we share the same path but I am going oranges and grapes for 40 days (:...Good luck..