Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why am I doing this???

Fruit is Stacey’s entry # 15…my journey in becoming 100% LoFat Raw Vegan, meaning eating 80% or more of my calorie intake from carbs >10% Fat, >10% protein.

Why am I doing this???

Day 15 11/21/09…(350 to go)

I would say 85-90% fruit makes up each of my past 3 days.

After I finish all the fruit I have bought I am going to go on a water fast. This will help detox the nonsense I have been eating and clear those cravings right up! And now that I am 15 days in on my journey, not 100% as I planned I have decided to come up with a list reminding me of al the reasons I began to do this for myself (I am printing this puppy out and posting it on my fridge, I would also like to get it tattooed on my hands so that while I am shoveling the wrong food down my throat I will have the constant slap in the face I need to stay on track…not really, but kinda)

1. Stay skinny….Maintain ideal body weight, I tend to fluctuate 5-10lbs (when I get up to that 10 I get real sad…lord knows I will lose it!!! if I have to go to the store to buy a bigger size)

2. Looking young FOREVER!…(have you seen that playboy playmate die for at 55!)…..did I mention I am 28? I started crying when I turned 13 because I didn’t want to be a teenager, I also cried when I turned 20 because I wasn’t a teenager any longer, I started to think I was going to die soon when I turned 25…which is right about when I found holistic health…(took me 3 years to finally get on the ball ..LAME)

3. no more pimples….I loathe these sob’s, I am 28 freakin years old, and have the face of a pubescent 8th grader ugh!

4. Cellulite…can yo say disgusting! I don’t want any!!

5. Be healthy for the rest of my days…I know this should be # 1, but as you can see from the 1st four posts (pause, wait for it, can you guess?)…. I am vain!

6. I am soooo sick of being hungover, or waking up tired, over stimulating myself with coffee, feeling uncomfortable after I eat…..etc, etc etc!

-I want to help others learn that they too can alleviate some of their sufferings…I think that is my main reason (solemn face) I feel so bad that people don’t know how to eat correctly, and that most of their health problems are because of it L

…it really does make me sad.

7. I like waking up in the morning with a fresh mouth, bright eyes (no dark circles people)…and full of energy…I like waking up before my alarm, not having to wish for just 1 more hour of sleep (that was my life’s mantra).

Past couple of days have been buuuusy. Sorry about the missing blogs folks! Taking care of a puppy is no joke (I know I promised less apple talk but I think this is something to be discussed) I feel like I have a new born baby. I have to feed her every 3 hours. I feed her raw meat (her natural carnivore diet) so it is not like I can leave food sitting out for her all day long. I never know what she wants or what she needs…she needs to be played with…it’s nuts! But I love her and it is worth it. Moving on….

OMG can we talk about the sapote fruit! (see image above) deeeeewwwwwd, this thing is deeeelcious! Tastes like vanilla pudding...cereals! If ever you are craving some desert pop open one of these babies and you are good to go.

I have been going quite well, with the exception of eating too few calories in fruit, which I am still working on. For breakfast Thursday I ate 2lbs almost 3 of pears (it was 3 large pears), a large raw salad for lunch, smoothie for dinner. Yesterday I ate 1 lb 8 oz of plums (3 plums) 3 banana smoothie, with some frozen black cherries in it (my new fav!)…. And of course I have to admit that landslide toward thai food has just about done me in L….I am trying really hard guys, but when it comes to dinner time I just want something salty. So I have been having cherry tomatoes with raw hummus, or these raw falafels with hummus as well. …hence the reminder post above.

11/20/09 meal analysis

will start these again Monday, I have a wedding to go to tomorrow….I am going to have to pack a salad in my purse! haha. Quick note....I’m not really retaining how much food actually equals how many calories, I just let nutridiary do it all for me, and I really want to learn how to do it by sight. Monday I will start to try and recognize, by saying 3 bananas instead of 1lb of bananas I think this will also help anyone who goes down this road.

11/20/09 Activities

starting yoga again Monday!

11/18/09 Symptoms

tiny blemishes in between my eyebrows, and on the left side of my mouth L (I hate these mother fers!)

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  1. So glad you posted! I've been checking in like three times a day. I thought maybe you fell off the deep end. Phewf.

    I've got to try the sapotes. I've been meaning to get some at the food co-op I frequent, but haven't gotten around to it, yet. Sounds yummy.

  2. i was lost in puppy land for a bit, but I am back...I have to learn how to balance things in my life...I am so bad about diving in deep into something and leaving everything else hanging out to head over heels for fruit, and then puppy, no in able to do more than 1 thing a day well. haha