Friday, November 13, 2009

Slumber Party

Fruit is Stacey’s entry # 9…my journey in becoming 100% LoFat Raw Vegan, meaning eating 80% or more of my calorie intake from carbs >10% Fat, >10% protein.

Slumber Party

Day 7 11/13/09…(357 to go)

Dang 9 am Yesterday…doin good….getting those hours in I like, and deserve ;)… We woke up to the dog symphony outside our window, so I bet I woulda slept longer…I have been waking up slightly groging….or better word heavy headed.

My Bf and I went to go get coffee at our favorite coffee place, Intelligencia… sad face….it smelled so lovely inside…You see, you have to go on just living your normal life. I can’t say to my bf “no I’m not going anywhere with you because I don’t eat that, drink that, do that” whatever…. I gotta still keep his wants into consideration, so to the coffee shop we go…..Lucklily for me we live in a sorta healthy little area. (Echo Parl/Silverlake), and there are tons of juice shops, vegan spots, raw spots etc….so I went down the street to Nature Well, and got a 20z OJ for breakfast….

Had to do a lot of business stuff today so there really isn’t much to talk about… kinda just snacked all day cuz I was in my house the whole time.

Was taking a nap around 6pm and was supoooosed to get up at 9pm, when my bf went to band practice (plug here ….LOL) but I was so sleepy and slept through the night till 7am…crazlesss!

11/12/09 meal analysis

20 oz oj, 1 pear, 2 persimmons, 1 guava, 3 kiwi …slept through dinner :/

11/12/09 Activities

nada! Had to get all this work done by 4pm…was going to go for a run after my nap, but as you can see, my nap turned into a full blown out slumber!

11/12/09 Symptoms

woke up feeling refreshed…still didn’t poo…getting worried!

Muchas Gracias for reading!

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  1. Hey Stac, I see that you eat abunch of fruit but when do you eat your veggies? Maybe that is why you aren't going #2. Imean I don't know but I follow you blog and never a lot of mention of fruit. Also what fats are you eating. I understand that only 10% of the diet can/should be fats but what does it consist of. I just want to know for my own diet. I appreciate you commitment to this as well. Helps us/me thinkabout what I am putting in my own mouth and why I am not losing ANY dang weight! Good luc let me know your answers.

  2. I mean not a lot mentioned of veggies!

  3. Well I am on day 8 so I am still trying to get this diet right, you are supposed to eat fruit for breakfast, and lunch, and then a big, and i mean big salad for dinner, of course after eating some fruit, so u get in your 2000 cals a day. But since I've started I've been so full, the dinner salad thing is hard, cuz i am so full or tired by then to eat that much...

    but you are right you need to eat greens for the minerals that help out your intestines.

    No worries folks. I pooed today yippe :)...maybe due to my yummy salad wrap? I will be sure to have a salad wrap tonight too